5 Pumpkin-Inspired Recipes You Need in Your Gourmet Kitchen


If you're cooking up some fall-inspired pumpkin treats in your Jersey City apartment this year, check out these five delicious ideas below. Pumpkin Cake Roll - This delicious cake roll is the perfect fall treat. The recipe includes canned pumpkin, ground cinnamon and cream cheese. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies - The perfect fall spin on a traditional … [Read more...]

Jersey City Living: Five Advantages of Living Near the Waterfront

If you’re planning to move to New Jersey in the near future, you may want to consider the wonders of Jersey City. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the combined excitement of living the big city life with the charm of living in a real community. There is no shortage of Jersey City apartments near the waterfront, one of the most coveted pieces of real estate … [Read more...]

Ditch the Chemicals Next Time You Clean Your Apartment


There's no need for harsh chemicals when it comes to cleaning your home. Here are five great natural cleaners you can make to keep your luxury apartment in Jersey City clean and spotless. Fabric Softener - If you have a big load of laundry, add 1/4 cup of salt into a bowl. For a smaller load, go with 1-2 tablespoons of salt. Then, add a few drops … [Read more...]

Tips for Finding a Safe and Comfortable Short Term Rental

If you’re looking for Jersey City short-term rentals, you have to do a bit of homework. Short-term rentals aren’t just for the budget-conscious, although finding the right rental that matches your price is certainly a good thing. Travelers, whether they’re out on business or for pleasure, can get tired of the same old hotel experience. Perhaps you’re … [Read more...]

Things to Do This October Near Jersey City


If you're searching for a couple of fun things to do near Jersey City this October, our fall to-do list might help make this task a whole lot easier. CMJ Music Marathon - Held from Oct. 21 to Oct. 25 across venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn, the CMJ Music Marathon includes performances, panels, seminars and special events. A CMJ badge is $525, which … [Read more...]