Quick Tips for Speed Cleaning Your Gourmet Kitchen at Cast Iron Lofts

kitchen cleaning tips

Designed with both esthetics and functionality in mind, Cast Iron Lofts gourmet kitchens are perfect no matter what your culinary skill level. From the stainless steel appliances and built-in microwave to the oak cabinets and granite countertops, these tips can help quickly get and keep your entire kitchen sparkling clean. Not enough time to clean the … [Read more...]

Organize the Cast Iron Lofts Walk-In Closets for Summer

tips to organize the walk-in closet

Having a walk-in closet is one of life's little luxuries, and since it's some of your home's most valuable real estate, use these smart tips to organize the walk-in closet and get maximum usage from every square inch. Install another rod underneath the stationary one. A few simple twists is all it takes to add a tension rod, and now you've basically doubled … [Read more...]

Create Delicious Blueberry Desserts in the Cast Iron Loft Full Kitchen

blueberry dessert recipes

July is National Blueberry Month, and the grocery stores are full of these plump and juicy berries. So why not celebrate by trying some of these easy and so tasty blueberry dessert recipes? Blueberry Tart. Even a novice baker can make this simple tart recipe by using a pre-made frozen pastry sheet. Blueberry Shortcake. Mix the berries with a bit of sugar … [Read more...]

Host a Wine Tasting Party at Cast Iron Lofts

hosting a wine tasting party

When trying to buy a bottle of wine, if you're like most of us, you easily become overwhelmed by the vast offerings. Red, white, or rose? What is chenin blanc? You want to expand your horizons but are afraid of making the wrong choice. By hosting a wine tasting party, you get to hang out with your friends while exploring some new tasty grapes. Nothing is … [Read more...]

Create a Happy Yoga Space in Your Cast Iron Loft Apartment

Create a Happy Yoga Space in Your Cast Iron Loft Apartment

Doing yoga will benefit you physically, help you create inner piece, and reduce your stress. You can practice yoga when it's convenient for you by creating a happy yoga space in your Cast Iron Loft apartment. Here are five tips on how you can create a yoga space in your home: Try to pick a space in your apartment for doing yoga that has beautiful views of … [Read more...]