A List of Everything You’ll Need for Your New Hoboken Apartment

If you’ve already signed the lease to your new Hoboken apartment rental, or are ready to make a selection and move into a new apartment, you’re probably making some sort of checklist. For a lot of people, a mental checklist does the job just fine, but for some, a detailed, sectioned list is necessary. If you’re one of those people, you aren’t alone, … [Read more...]

How to Know if it’s Time to Find a New Jersey City Apartment

A lot of people find themselves living in an apartment they don’t really enjoy or aren’t really satisfied with. The reasons for their dissatisfaction can make quite a large list, but often there are a few core reasons why these people aren’t happy with where they’re living. In the case of people living near or within New York City, this dissatisfaction … [Read more...]

Decorating Your Apartment Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive

throw pillows

If you are looking to decorate your apartment, however you don't have a large decorating budget, don't despair. These four ideas can help you add some new style to your space without breaking your budget. Four Ways to Help You Decorate on a Budget  Sewing - Sewing does not have to be complicated. Start with something like a throw pillow, recover an old … [Read more...]

How to Get to Know Your Neighbors in Your Community


Living in an apartment building gives you a great opportunity to be a part of a community or neighborhood. Meeting your neighbors can help you adjust to your new surroundings, and it gives you a support system that studies have shown are important for your overall well being. Here are a few ways you can get to know your neighbors and possibly make some new friends.  Use … [Read more...]

Give Your Apartment Decor a Makeover With These Tips

Cast Iron Lofts Bedroom

Apartment dwellers often feel trapped when it comes to decorating their spaces, however decorating can go way beyond hanging pictures and painting walls. These ideas can help you decorate your apartment, leaving you to feel at home every time you walk in.  Use Rugs - Whether you have wood, vinyl, or carpet, plush rugs can add texture to any space. Mirrors … [Read more...]