Have You Been To Symposia Community Bookstore?

book store

If you are looking for a bookstores in Hoboken NJ, with a social conscience, then Symposia is the place to visit. Located on Washington Street, this book store and community center runs solely on donations. When Symposia opened, they aimed to create a space that could be used for both educational and charitable purpose.  They achieve this by selling used … [Read more...]

In The Mood for Italian? Try San Giuseppe In Hoboken

san giuseppe

If you are looking for a delicious Italian meal within Hoboken, San Giuseppe is just the place. Located within minutes from Cast Iron Loft apartments, this Italian restaurant serves up authentic Italian dishes including antipastia plates, pasta, and pizza. This restaurants signature dishes are popular amongst lovers of Italian Cuisine. If you visit you may … [Read more...]

Take A Coffee Break At Red Lion In Hoboken

red lion coffee co hoboken nj

If you work from home, love to meet up with friends, or you are just looking for a good coffee shop in Hoboken, NJ, Red Lion Coffee CO is the perfect place. Located on Bloomfield Street this unique coffee shop is just a short walk from Cast Iron Lofts. Whether you are looking for a seasonal drink like the Winter Spice Latte, or you just need a quick espresso … [Read more...]

Learn To Pair Patterns Like A Pro

mix patterns

If you are looking to customize your apartment, adding some personality and color, patterns are a great way to achieve this. The trick with patterns is to know how to mix and match them to get the look you want, without overwhelming your space. Apartment Decoration Tips -  Using Patterns Here are some tips to help you mix patterns in your apartment. Use … [Read more...]

DIY Headboards You Can Make In A Day

DIY headboard

If you have been thinking about decorating your bedroom, your headboard can be a great place to start. You may not want to put holes in the wall, or have to purchase a new bed, just to get a nice headboard. These D.I.Y tips can help you customize and brighten up your bedroom in just one day. Three D.I.Y Headboards You can Make in a Day The Old Door - A … [Read more...]