Enjoy a Tasty Brunch at City Bistro in Hoboken

Brunch at City Bistro in Hoboken

Whether you're looking for a place to enjoy brunch, lunch, or dinner with friends, City Bistro in Hoboken has it all. … [Read more...]

Take a Trip to Symposia Community Book Store in Hoboken

Symposia Community Book Store in Hoboken

If you're looking for a great book store near your apartment, Symposia Community Bookstore in Hoboken is worth a visit. They work hard to help others discover the joy of books, while simultaneously giving back to the community. … [Read more...]

Maximize the Space in Your Walk-In Closet with These Organization Tips

walk-in closet

If you feel like there's just not enough room in your walk-in closet, it may be time to maximize the space you have. These tips can help you make the most of your apartment's walk-in closet. … [Read more...]

Celebrate Hot Tea Month with These Cozy Drink Recipes

hot tea

With January comes colder weather, as well as Hot Tea Month. If you're looking to celebrate Hot Tea Month in your Jersey City apartment with a gourmet kitchen, try making these simple recipes. You'll warm up instantly!  … [Read more...]

5 Essential Cat Care Items for Your New Kitten

Essential Cat Care Items

If you're adding a new kitten to your family this year, make sure you don't forget to purchase these five essential cat care items for your new friend. … [Read more...]