Smart Ways to Green Your Living Room Space


If you're looking for some green ideas to help decorate the living room in your luxury apartment in Jersey City, these four tips may help you do just that whilst helping the environment. If you have metal blinds in your apartment, you may want to consider replacing them with shades that are made of fabric that provide insulation. Metal can trap hot air … [Read more...]

Tips for Growing an Indoor Garden


The balconies in our Jersey City apartment homes are a great place to grow a fresh garden. If you’re planning on growing your own vegetables or a few flowers, then follow these gardening tips to make sure your project is a success. Make Sure Plants Have Proper Drainage: Plants like herbs and veggies prefer lots of water, but need containers with good … [Read more...]

Head to Vivi Bubble Tea for a Refreshing Drink


If you're looking for a refreshing drink to quench your summer thirst and you enjoy trying new things, then put ViVi Bubble Tea on your to-visit list. ViVi Bubble Tea opened in 2007, bringing a Taiwanese experience to America. Thanks to its success this cafe has since expanded across New York City. There are eight different locations where you can try … [Read more...]

Easy Dishwasher Loading Tricks


If you're like most people, you might not think twice about how you load your dishwasher. However, loading your dishwasher efficiently can make a big difference when it comes to how much you can wash at a time and how well items are cleaned. Here are four dishwasher loading tips that can help keep your dishes clean in your Jersey City apartment with … [Read more...]

How to Decorate with Earthy Greens


The color green is often associated with nature and serenity, and it can be a great color choice for decorating luxury apartments in Jersey City. Whether you use a bold green or a lighter shade, this hue can bring life to any room. Here are some ideas to help you incorporate green into your living space. Pure celery green is a bold choice that can liven … [Read more...]